The Pride in Pride Initiative

A quick view on Pride Initiatives goals and objectives


Pride Initiative seeks to promote and fight for quality education and economic empowerment for youth and women in Malawi and Africa.


“Empowering the Youth and Women to Change Nations!”


To create an open and free society where the Youth and women have access to quality education without hindrances, and are encouraged to embark on innovative ventures for their economic wellbeing.

About Pride

Pride Initiative’s core Values and Ethics


We believe that all humans were created equal and all have potential to achieve greatly.

Transparency & Honesty

We believe in being open and honest in our operations as we affect human populations


We are definite and reliable in our operations

About Pride

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Our Team

Meet our team of hard working women that are helping make all this possible
Collasie Nkosi

Collasie Nkosi

Projects Officer

Passionate about making a positive impact on communities, Collasie Nkosi serves as a dedicated Projects Officer at Pride Initiative, where she plays a pivotal role in driving meaningful change. With a Diploma in Business Management and a demonstrated commitment to humanitarian causes, She combines academic knowledge with practical experience to contribute to the organization's mission.

Theresa Nakomwa

Marketing Specialist

With a decade of expertise in Financial Accounting, Audit Assurance Services, and Grant Management, our Finance Manager brings a wealth of experience. Having dedicated over 10 years to Project Peanut Butter, she offers seasoned financial oversight and reporting. She holds a Master's in Science in Food Science and Technology.

Mynes Nyirongo

Projects Manager

Mynes cultivates a positive work environment with strong communication and collaborative leadership. Passionate about driving positive social change, they are dedicated to realizing the mission and vision of Pride Initiative.

Emily Kanyenda

Emily Kanyenda

Projects Officer

Emily Kanyenda is a dynamic Projects Officer at Pride Initiative, adept at managing project timelines, budgets, and resources with precision. Emily drives continuous improvement in project strategies and outcomes.

Gloria Phiri

Gloria Phiri

Executive Director

Gloria Phiri, a banker and gender activist, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic College. With seven years of experience in various financial institutions, she is a seasoned leader and manager. Gloria has dedicated her time to volunteering in organizations addressing gender and women’s rights issues in Malawi, showcasing her commitment to advocating for women’s rights.

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“Sowing Seeds of Empowerment: Youth Arise with Pride Initiative”

From the hands-on experiences of flowerpot making, the sizzle of sausage making, to the aromatic artistry of baking, the Youth Arise Project is a kaleidoscope of opportunities. It is here that young minds are not only taught valuable skills but are encouraged to dream, create, and envision a future where their aspirations know no bounds, thanks to the support of dedicated partners like Sanwecka Technologies.

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